Anode Swap – The Hot Water System Anti-corrosion Experts

We are a Perth owned and operated company servicing the greater Perth metropolitan area and the South West of Western Australia.

Anode Swap was formed to help households get the longest life from their storage hot water systems. Often a hot water system will need replacing prematurely simply because the sacrificial anode has not been replaced leading to tank failure.

Regularly replacing the sacrificial anode is by far the most cost effective method of extending the life of your storage hot water system and ensuring you have good quality hot water for your family.

We specialise in the supply and fitting of Sacrificial anodes in all makes of gas, electric and solar hot water systems. We also replace hot and cold water pressure relief valves.

So give us a call on 0447 956 230 for your obligation free inspection and extend the life of your system.

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We service the Greater Perth Metro area and the South West of Western Australia.